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Floating Water Beads Orbeez Vase Pack - Calla Lily

Floating Water Beads Orbeez Vase Pack - Calla Lily

Available now for preorder with an estimated dispatch of End September! Lookout for our Autumn table decor versions too…arriving soon!

A stunning centrepiece whether it be for a wedding or home table decor, it will be sure to wow your guests!

Available in a choice of full pack or minus the vase / floating candle. Please see options below.

Full pack contains:

- 25 x 12cm Acrylic Vase

- floating candle

- Water beads (which will require pre soaking for 4 hours)

- 3 x Calla Lily Stems

- 2 x Chrysanthemum stems

- Ivory Faux Pearls

- 2 x Submersible battery operated tea lights plus one spare FOC


- Please note that water beads are dangerous if ingested so please keep out of reach of children and animals.

1. Soak your water beads in a large bowl of cold water for 4 hours.

2. Attach your submersible tea lights to the base of your vase by peeling if the backing tape and pressing them gently but firmly to the base and holding for 30 seconds. Allow 12 hours before adding water to ensure a good adhesion. We use 2 but have provided you with 1 extra FOC as a spare!

2. Add some of the pearls to the base in between the tea lights.

3. After soaking drain the beads in a sieve or colander and transfer to a jug.

4. Pour in some of the beads to cover the holes earls and tea lights.

5. Position the chrysanthemums, pour in some more beads and reposition as necessary.

6. Pour in some more beads and then position your Calla Lillies

7. Pour in final beads leaving approximately a 5-6cm space at the top to allow room for the water.

8. Position your final pearls by pushing them into the beads where you require them.

9. Add water to cover, switch on the lights and watch the magic happen! Top with candle if using.

Please note that vase will last for 1-2 months dependant on environmental factors / temperature. You can then disassemble, clean and reuse.

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